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EVERY MONDAY EVENING IN HOBOKEN , NJ                                    7:30 - 9PM


Incorporating Voice, Crystal Bowls, Gong and other instruments, and a focused message from Source that is both timely and helpful in moving us into harmony. In harmony we thrive!!!

Sound healing (movement into wholeness) meditation assists you in doing just that, big time! It brings you to a higher vibrational local of being and feeling, where you can create a new reality from - a reality of jOy.

Upcoming dates: March 26

Cost: $15 (cash only, exact change please)
Location: 1 Newark St., Suite 24, 3rd Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030                               

For more details on Sound Healing Meditations, please click here.



TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 2018                             7 - 9PM

I will be co-hosting this expansive event with my dear friend and Hoboken Shaman Leigh Higgins.

The Mayans referred to the Spring Equinox as “the Return of the Sun Serpent.”

The Egyptians long recognized "the rising of the serpent" - the inner rising of energy to the pineal and pituitary glands as well as to other centers in and above the brain as "our highway and transmitter to Source/God."

Current science is recognizing the power of this energy and developing techniques to tap into and utilize the wisdom and resources found in this connection.

This evening, I will be introducing The Sun Serpent / Serpent Rising Egyptian Attunement Process, teaching it to you, and taking you through it.

The Rising of the Sun Serpent is one of the most effective vibrational/energy medicine techniques I have come across, and it is my jOy to share it.

Leigh will be bringing The Sun Gift of the Chiefs: The Medicine and Wisdom of Spring.

This portion of the evening will focus on inviting and opening to the Elements, Tree, Sun, and Mother Earth.

Through this deeply connective experience we honor the turning of cycles and step into a more conscious awakening of the Heart as the center of our being and the knowledge that we are all beating the same heartbeat. Shungo!

The evening will conclude with a short sound bath to activate your cells and seal in the teachings.

Cost: $44 (cash only, exact change please)
Location: 1 Newark St., Suite 24, 3rd Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030



SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 2018                                                        10AM - 1PM

A simple yet very powerful healing modality that everyone can learn to use
on themselves, loved ones, groups, pets, food, water, and/or spaces.

This three hour workshop will explore the basics of The Violet Fire of Light and its endless applications.
Great for massage therapists, body workers, healers, parents and teachers, chefs and cooks, animal care personnel, etc...

Everyone and anyone can activate the secondary chakras on the hands and put into practice the grace and power of The Violet Fire of Light.

The workshop will cover:
1) Hand activation and the realization "that the starting place is us."
2) How to use this modality through exploration.
    This being a hands-on workshop, plenty of time will be spent
    on practical applications. We will discover that there are many
    effective ways of using this gift in molding our sense of "reality."
3) How to practice distant healing and how it can transform group energies
    and levels on consciousness(where one exists from).
4)  We will be practicing on:
      a)  Self
      b)  Another person (present)
      c)  Distant healing/clearing on someone not present
      d)  Clean and clear a space
      e)  Clear a past experience - to assist us in harvesting
           its lessons and redesigning reality out from them!
       f)  Food blessing and consecration.
5)  The principle of the law of allowance with its two very different
     and important applications, and how not doing is when
     "most doing" occurs.
6)  The 3 key closing steps that all healers should incorporate
      in their practices.

Cost: $80 (cash only, exact change please)
Location: 1 Newark St., Suite 24, 3rd Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030







A special 4 day course spread over 4 months
(A commitment of one Saturday each month)*

*There are still slots open if anyone wishes to make up the first class module and join the the group.

SATURDAY, APRIL 21            10AM TO 6PM
SATURDAY, MAY 19               10AM TO 6PM

An intensive four day class focused on how to channel from the highest point of Light/Source.
We will learn to connect to our guides, particularly our primary guide, in the pursuit of knowledge and guidance.

On a personal note, having that open line of communication with spirit, has contributed so much to my life both professionally and personally that it is in wishing others to gift themselves this experience that I offer these classes.
The entire course is being put together and overseen by my primary guide SOLOMON.

"When man knows himself, the world will reflect it.
His inner knowledge, forgoing all outer input and forces,
shall raise him to his place in the universe, grace.
It is of the intent for knowledge that this is given;
For man to know what he is well."  SOLOMON

Our evolution here on Earth springs from the brilliance that we are, which is always perfect and complete. The construction of a well-lived Life is done with precision, and our spirit guides are here to assist us through its unfoldment.

Please click here for more details.

Cost: $800 for all 4 sessions (due before the starting date). If you are doing a payment plan, please be aware that there is a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold your place for all four modules to be paid prior to starting the course. Thank you.
Location: 1 Newark St., Suite 24, 3rd Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Payment options:  1. Cash
                                2. Credit Card payments through PayPal
                                    (please contact me for these)
                                3. For any questions or arrangements regarding
                                    payment, please contact me at:
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