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Much jOy :)




WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12, 2017                                         7 - 8:30PM

FIRE RISING / SNOW FALL - Sound Bath / Sound Healing Journey
(Gong-drumming, Crystal bowls, and Voice)

Through the power of sound and with the support of Mother Earth (Gaia) we will undertake a journey where the Fire (passion) within us will rise to the fullness of our essence as it "burns off" all that is not of us. Plus, an atunement of unconditional love, as snow, will come upon us.
"The Earth shall sooth our hearts like snow."

In the Glory of all that we are we thrive and our natural state is jOy! Come and Thrive!!!

Cost: $25 (cash only, please -  exact change much appreciated)                             
Location: 1 Newark St., Suite 24, 3rd floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030




Incorporating Voice, Crystal Bowls, Gong and other instruments, and a focused message from Source that is both timely and helpful in moving us into harmony. In harmony we thrive!!!

Sound healing (movement into wholeness) meditation assists you in doing just that, big time! It brings you to a higher vibrational local of being and feeling, where you can create a new reality from - a reality of jOy.

Upcoming dates: APRIL 10, 17, 24
Cost: $15 (cash only please, exact change appreciated!)                                      Location: 1 Newark St., Suite 24, 3rd floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030

For more details on Sound Healing Meditations, please click here.



WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 2017                                                7:30 - 9PM

Please join me for an ongoing event I co-host with Shaman Leigh Higgins of Hoboken. No previous voice experience necessary.

This is a fun, expansive evening for the community to come together and share in making some noise, a special kind of noise from the Heart - called Toning.

What is Toning? Toning is singing without words, usually sustained vowels.

What should I expect and what will it give me?
Expect nothing. Show up with an open mind and here is what it will give you:

  • JOY - making sound is loads of fun!!!
  • You will witness incredibly beautiful sounds whether you choose to participate or just sit back and bask in the experience.
  • Toning is great for us, healing on many levels.

This event is about the jOy of sound and letting it take us to a higher vibration. SIMPLE TO DO WITH MUCH TO GAIN...!!!

Cost: $10 (cash only please, exact change much appreciated)
Location: All Saints Episcopal Church
                 707 Washington Street
                 Hoboken, NJ 07030



WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26, 2017                                           7 - 8:30PM

We connect/attract/create/manifest everything that is in tune with our present level or rate of vibration, field of resonance. To transform/heal, create a new experience, we need to bring our vibration and awareness to a level that matches what it is we desire.

This evening's session will place us in a field of high/accelerated energy that will assist our movement into healing/wholeness and all we want to connect to/attract/create/manifest.

This higher vibrational field of energy is self organizing and knows the True essence of our being. It intercedes all that we ourselves have put into motion that is not of what we are, bringing us back to our divine selves, our sacred tone, our grace.

The evening will conclude with a group session of Radiance, a modality that floods our fields with a high level energy of organization or what we call the Light of Heaven.

Cost: $30 (cash only please, exact change much appreciated)
Location: 1 Newark St., Suite 24, 3rd floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030