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I am concentrating on offering events that I feel are important for the evolution of human consciousness and the level of reality we inhabit. They are designed to expand the perfection we are while allowing the rest to drop away with ease.

The support, power, and beauty abundantly present at these group events makes them the ideal place for this kind of exploration. There is great power in doing things together.

"Together we create a new reality."

I call this focus on our evolution and development "the greatest show on Earth" because the focus is all about us and our magnificence.

The presence and support we bring to each other along with the presence and support of the non-physical realms and the vibrations of sound, lift us up to higher and higher levels in consciousness. At these hightened levels, we become familiar with truths we had never even gleaned before and at last recognize the undeniable fact that... we are Beautiful! And, that We Are Perfect and Complete

EnjOy Being Here! EnjOy Being Alive!



EVERY MONDAY EVENING IN HOBOKEN , NJ                                    7 - 8:30 PM


Incorporating Voice, Crystal Bowls, Gong and other instruments, and a focused message from Source that is both timely and helpful in moving us into harmony. In harmony we thrive!!!

Sound healing (movement into wholeness) meditation assists you in doing just that, big time! It brings you to a higher vibrational local of being and feeling, where you can create a new reality from - a reality of jOy.

Upcoming dates: April 8, 15, 22, 29

Cost: $20 (cash only, exact change please)
Location: 1 Newark St., Suite 24, 3rd Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030                               

For more details on Sound Healing Meditations, please click here.


We live at a time when all of us have experienced most kinds of trauma, whether in this lifetime or in others.

It is in this lifetime though, in this moment, that we come together, standing side by side in our strength, and choose to heal the other by healing ourselves.

In this workshop, we will follow a threefold Spirit-given process that first aligns us to our highest Light, our highest vibration, then proceeds to collapse trauma fields and our connections to them, and finally activates the synthesis of our crystalline structure moving us from a carbon base species to a crystalline based one.

This is a profound activation and transition into living in and from our Light, inhabiting more fully what we naturally are - higher frequency beings.

This is a major step in reaching what some are calling "our ascension" but which is in reality the reacquiring of a higher vibrational smooth interaction with all 9 dimensions of existence. It is reclaiming a part of our humanity that was alive and active in us long, long ago.

Spirit describes this event as "a way to lead us out of the life we drag with us, and into a much different experience of being human; it is living the truth of what we are and connecting to all the jOys that are present here for us.”

I call it, Waking up to our Glory!

We climb, we learn, we move into wholeness and lOve -- together.

Cost: $90 (cash only, exact change please) Location: 1 Newark St., 3rd Floor, Suite 24, Hoboken, NJ, 07030


This is the I AM chakra and what we hold as true about ourselves, we experience.

In this workshop, we will learn about this incredibly powerful chakra, a power center in our energetic anatomy. We will explore what Spirit has to say about this center, how it affects our day to day experiences, and muscle test and collapse the false patterns that we hold there about self.

We will also discuss “Gut Intelligence” and the importance of listening to our "Gut" -- our First Brain!

A special focus for the evening, will be the question: How does this feel in my body? Or, said another way, “If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it, don’t eat it, don’t date it!”

Collapsing patterns:

We will be working from the tenet: What we hold we experience, whether conscious or unconscious, it is in play.

I will muscle test the group to see who is holding false patterns and then we'll set out to collapse them.

Here are some examples of the patterns we'll be looking at and collapsing:

I am not enough, I am bad, I am guilty, I am unattractive, I am a fraud, I am ugly, nobody desires me, nobody loves me, I am undesirable, I am unlovable, I am not deserving of love or jOy, I am unhealthy, I don’t have a good body, my body gets hurt, my body gets hurt or injured easily,my body always gets hurt or injured, I am to blame, I am powerless, stress, victim, poverty, I am a failure, I deserve to die, I am wrong, I am wrong for being, I am not deserving of jOy, Life is hard, I am broken, I am not right / there is something wrong with me, I am alone, I deserve to be punished, punishment, I am not allowed to receive and or experience jOy-love-ease, It is my fault, I am to blame, I am helpless, I am lost, I am beyond help / nothing can help me, It’s over for me, closed, somethings / many things or all is closed for me, It is too late, it is too late for me, it is too late for what I want, it is too late for my Dream to happen, I am not allowed to Dream, I am not allowed to be Happy.

Cost: $80 (cash only, exact change please) Location: 1 Newark St., 3rd Floor, Suite 24, Hoboken, NJ, 07030