I have to tell you up front, I treat and work out everyone with the same passion and in equal terms. Sometimes, I will have a woman lifting more than the guy standing next to her, and that's fine with me. He might not like it too much, but at the same time, it may actually inspire him.
I am not a quiet trainer, but I do not yell nor do anything that is obnoxious. I am not into that. I like to laugh. I enjoy what I do and I find that levity helps people get through a routine when they didn’t think they could. I believe that hard work pays off, but when done in a relaxed, fun environment, it pays even more. I love what I do and will provide you with the tools to move through challenging exercises. I want to hear you make sounds, sounds that tell me that you are being challenged by the work, but that you are also enjoying it!

If you don't like an exercise or if it doesn't feel good to you, then you shouldn't do it. A routine or exercise movement should feel good in your body both physically and intuitively. Very often I say to my clients that if it doesn't feel good — don’t do it, don't eat it, don't date it! I also say, "don't show up with brilliance and not give me brilliance.” It's only fair, right?!

I look forward to the pleasure of witnessing your brilliance. No matter where you are at.

We are brilliant beings, and we get to see that, especially when we give ourselves the chance to do this thing called life in new and better ways, or what I often say-another way!