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Here you will find information on all upcoming events, workshops, and meditations.

Much jOy :)



I am concentrating on offering events that I feel are important for the evolution of human consciousness and the level of reality we inhabit. They are designed to expand the perfection we are while allowing the rest to drop away with ease.

The support, power, and beauty abundantly present at these group events makes them the ideal place for this kind of exploration. There is great power in doing things together.

"Together we create a new reality."

I call this focus on our evolution and development "the greatest show on Earth" because the focus is all about us and our magnificence.

The presence and support we bring to each other along with the presence and support of the non-physical realms and the vibrations of sound, lift us up to higher and higher levels in consciousness. At these hightened levels, we become familiar with truths we had never even gleaned before and at last recognize the undeniable fact that... we are beautiful!

EnjOy Being Here! EnjOy Being Alive!




EVERY MONDAY EVENING IN HOBOKEN , NJ                                    7:30 - 9PM


Incorporating Voice, Crystal Bowls, Gong and other instruments, and a focused message from Source that is both timely and helpful in moving us into harmony. In harmony we thrive!!!

Sound healing (movement into wholeness) meditation assists you in doing just that, big time! It brings you to a higher vibrational local of being and feeling, where you can create a new reality from - a reality of jOy.

Upcoming dates: September 17, 24

Cost: $15 (cash only, exact change please)
Location: 1 Newark St., Suite 24, 3rd Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030                               

For more details on Sound Healing Meditations, please click here.



THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2018  in  HOBOKEN       7 - 9PM

An open dialogue with Spirit.

As we expand beyond the concepts we have of ourselves and what is in play at this moment, we discover a different kind of dialogue, one that is wise, simple, direct and kind -- a map to experiences that hold lOve for us both individually and collectively. This kind of dialogue is at the core of this evening’s event.

The evening will begin with a four step attunement process designed to bring us into harmony with Spirit and with each other and in this way open ourselves to a higher level of dialogue.

Come with a question that you would like to gain clarity on, receive channeled guidance and input from Spirit, and learn from each other’s life experiences.

Please arrive on time so you can do the attunement.
It promises to be a juicy evening of learning!

Cost:$40 (Cash only, exact change please)
Location: 1 Newark St., Suite 24, 3rd Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030  



SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 in HOBOKEN                      11AM - 2PM

A powerful workshop where you will receive and work with what I call, the gifts of Light, tools enabling you to stand in your majesty, your sovereignty, and interact directly with Light and All That Is.

Fire Symbols, gather and direct frequency, energy.

Fire Symbols — learn what they are, how to choose the quality of their energy, direct their flow, and our sacred connection to them.

In this special workshop, I will also share 5 key effective and powerful energy exercises     that I have practiced over the years: The Five Lanterns of Power.

All exercises will be amplified by Sound Healing.
Let the jOy of Being begin!

Cost: $70 (Cash only, exact change please)
Location: 1 Newark St., Suite 24, 3rd Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030