What is Advanced Pendulum Work?

In Advanced Pendulum Work, a self-clearing, specialized pendulum is utilized to pinpoint any disharmonies that might be present in a person's energy anatomy. These disharmonies are many times at the root of common emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical imbalances.

It is a process of:

1) Accessing information about and for the individual: where they are at in their lives, what would best serve them in the present, and what strategies to follow in order to come back into harmony.

2) The pendulum is used to clear energy blocks and to imprint new patterns of light that will bring us into more empowering paradigms of life.

All work is rooted, designed, and directly adhering to the person's intention for that particular session with the overriding principle of moving into a fuller expression of their Light. The point is not to just make life manageable, but to turn it into the real gift that it is.

The pendulum moves according to the vibrations expressed by the One mind or Universal knowledge, God, the Angelic Realm -- all for the sole purpose of assisting us in moving from a limited expression to a fuller expression of who we are.

When one lives from ones Light, one expresses an unparalleled level of harmony, intelligence, and love; from this level we are guided and can better contribute to the expanding consciousness of humanity.

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