For beginners and all those who want to learn a clear, accurate, and simple way of using a pendulum for connecting to Universal Intelligence.

In this workshop you will learn:

  •     the correct, easy and effective way to use a pendulum for “yes” and “no” questions
  •     how to program your pendulum
  •     the correct way to form a question when working with a pendulum
  •     about different types of pendulums and the best way to clear them
  •     the importance of attuning yourself first,
  •     and the most important rule in pendulum work and in all energy work: “It’s not what you pray     for, but where you pray from.”

The class will finish with a discussion of advanced pendulum - a modality ROGER uses daily in his healing practice.

Come learn about pendulum and about your Gift of Healing.

Please, bring your own pendulum, preferably two.