I have been an A.C.E.(American Counsel on Exercise) certified personal trainer for over twenty years and over those years, I have worked with a wide range of clients - men, women, seniors (who are very tough and don't tell them otherwise) and young adults (who always move me with their sincerity and focus).

I have also had the privilege of working with a vast number of people experiencing a variety of injuries and illnesses; helping them put their lives back together when they didn't think it possible. I have learned so much about the power of the human spirit from each and every one of them! Because of them, I am better at what I do and a better human being, and, as a result, I have more to give. I am grateful for them. They have been my teachers and have gifted me with the knowledge that many things are possible and that Together We Can Create A New Reality. Yes we can!

Over time, I have kept up to date with all the latest fitness techniques as well as obtaining many other certifications that have helped me broaden my knowledge base and perspective in this field, as well as in overlapping fields, such as energy work(addressing your non-physical anatomy and its direct affect on your physical anatomy).

Some of my special courses and certification include:

Rehab through Exercise
Training Chronic Shoulder Conditions
Postural Alignment
Core Training
Chiseled Abs & Glutes
Strength Training
Strength & Conditioning
The Science of Body Sculpture
Training Young Athletes
Myofascial Release
Exercise For Special Populations
Designing Chair Exercise Programs
A.I Stretching (Active Isolation Stretching)
I.E.T.(Integrated Energy Therapy)
Matrix Energetics
Centering, Breathing, & Meditation Practice
Sound Vibration & Tuning Forks                                                                                                MuscleTesting                                                                                                                                Advanced Pendulum(diagnostic guide/tool)