Does anyone out there really know what our core is?!

In the last five years there has been a surge of attention to and about our CORE, but many people think that the core is just our mid-section, all the way around, and that its purpose is to keep us looking trim and fit (which it does not), and to keep us from having back pain (which is partially true).

Let's get to it!


1) It is the link between your lower body and your upper body.

What muscles make up the core?
Well, there are a lot of them! You better sit down.
They are as follows:
Rectus Abdominus, Multifidus Muscles, Spinal Erectors, Transverse Abdominus, Abdominal internal oblique muscle and Abdominal external oblique muscle. Your Diaphram, your pelvic floor, Quadratus lumborum (a muscle in the lower back that connects the hips to the spine), Gluteals-all!(your butt muscles), Hamstrings, rectus femoris, sartorius, and tensor fasciae latae, your Iliopsoas(the iliopsoas is important for standing, walking, and running. The iliacus and psoas major which together are(your iliopsoas) perform different actions when postural changes occur), your levator scapulae muscle(holds your head up-neck area), and ALL MAJOR MUSCLE GROUPS WORKING TOGETHER.
For example, muscles in your shoulders/your shoulder girdle, your abs, your pecs (chest), your seratus muscles (muscles between your [[rips]]), your lower traps, your lats, and your rhomboids (muscles between your shoulders across the back) are all going to get involved when there is any kind of movement, of course adding in all your leg muscles too.

So your CORE is composed of all your muscles from the base of your skull to your heals. I think a "WOW" is called for here, don't you? If you think of the core of an apple, it is the center, from top to bottom, connecting every part of the apple, and it holds it all together!

You know who has the best core? Kids that play! Children that are active and do all kinds of things. The "all kinds of things" part is what engages their core in so many different ways WHERE THEY ARE USING THEIR ENTIRE BODY - THAT'S CORE!

2) Your core transfers energy force up from the ground through your legs to your upper body. Your core transfers energy, did you know that? Most people don't, but now you do!


Core training works on CORE STABILITY. There is a progression of exercises to be followed; a series you will move through as you gain strength in your core. They start on the floor, then move to a kneeling position, then to standing followed by standing with or on one leg.

Core training deserves a lot of attention and needs to be taught at a high level of specificity and accuracy. A proper core program aids in injury prevention and reduction; improving strength, speed, balance, and overall well being.
Core training also reduces stress, with the increase of strength, balance, and stability your body, whether your conscious of it or not, moves from fear into vitality.

CORE exercises can and need to be modified in order to fit everyone's fitness level, especially for someone just starting out. So get creative and get down!