Learning and practicing the karma clearing process that clears your Karma with the Energy of Angels.

Do you ever find yourself in the same (often unpleasant) situations? These repeat situations are the result of Karma. This workshop will lead you through the new Integrated Energy TherapyKarma Clearing process that clears your Karma with the Energy of Angels. In it, you will experience the IET vortex process, learn to use special Karma integration points, call upon Angel Gabriel and much more.

Karma is not retribution nor is it a series of punishments because in some other life we did something wrong and now we are going to pay for it. That is so not what karma is!

Karma is a series of lessons, challenges, specifically set-up by us for our advancement in spiritual mastery and our movement into wholeness, healing, and the fullness of all that we are, which is love. It is with our will and willingness that karma, this opportunity for advancemnt, occurs. That is it in a nutshell.

The Karma clearing Process does not take away our growth opportunities brought on by karma, we would never want to do that. Yeah, yeah, I hear you saying, “yes I do!!!” No, trust me you do not. We came in to this life, we actually designed this life, by and large, to greet and embrace each of these challenges and we gave ourselves the ability to do so. This is quite a beautiful concept if we think about it in the light of this definition for what karma is and how it helps each of us blossom fully into love.

Our big challenges occur because we tend to go into over-achiever mode, pile on too much, and then we get stuck on or fold into a state of failure.

The Karma Clearing Process helps:

  • By reducing the major blocks and insurmountable challenges we have created into smaller manageable ones.
  • By helping us slow down, center ourselves and use our own mastery to accomplish what we came here to do.
  • By connecting us on a soul level to those souls that are here on the planet to help us.
  • By helping us remember, quite strongly, what we are here for, the gift we are, and not to loose sight of that.

Archangel Gabriel:

We will create a Heart Link to Archangel Gabriel and his healing gifts which are effective in clearing the energy of karma.

It is like clearing plaque from one’s teeth so we can effortlessly brush them and experience healthy choppers!

Getting on with living; not centered on “our challenges,” but with a focus on being what we want to create.

We will also create using the sacred geometry of the pyramid formed by our third eye chakra and the secondary chakras of our hands to dissolve the habitual loops our mind operates on.

After clearing karma, we need to invite our minds to operate on and from a new vibratory level of reality in order to create from a new paradigm and not from the old karmic patterns out of habit.
It is here where seeing and believing are aligned, and our vision becomes our reality.

This is a 2.5 hour workshop.