"Tell something to be what it is, and watch it flourish."
                                                                                          -- Solomon

Making reference to this quote, Solomon states that this is the primary function/purpose of presence for guides towards the souls they accompany. It is the fundamental reasoning and focus they hold towards each soul in addition to all the love, empowerment, support, and compassion they bring. They hold these in such amounts that it is indescribable in words, but surely felt.                                                  

Welcome to AWAKENING TO CHANNEL, a four day workshop spread over four months (one Saturday each month), created to assist those that are ready to build a stronger connection with their spirit guides and explore the benefits such a connection brings.
I will present each module along with Solomon, my primary guide, as a simple, easy to follow, step by step process.

Each step will build on the previous one. They are designed to increase our intuitive abilities, particularly our abilities to communicate with our guides and various other "life forms" through feelings, thoughts, words, and/or images.

Each segment consists of guided instructions to:

  • Open our spiritual centers which aids in communing and communication with your guides
  • Achieve a helpful posture - what I call straightening the antenna
  • Explore trance and non-trance channeling
  • Being in a field of Grace where our group of guides can come and connect
  • Receive the Light they have to give us  
  • Allow them to work on us and our centers

Here is what Solomon has to say:

"If I say to you, this, whatever it is, is true. Should you question its validity, its weight, the infrastructure of it, against all that has gone into the creation of what it is you call you, that you go by and say even, this is me? Absolutely!
Foolish you would be not to question, even the question of a question or the need to question. But, I do ponder, as I sit here beside you, and ask you to give serious thought to this:
Do you know what you are here to do?
Are you aware of what it is you are actually?
Is there, not just one thing, but many that you would like to experience this life?
And if you are not to follow a path, how does one create one's own, and from what place of knowing?
The invitation is sent out, given to you, to participate in this great exploration, this momentous burst of growth, to build a pathway to all that is possible accompanied by your guides.

Connecting to your guides opens you up to an infinite field of love which is healing and transformative, creating noticeable momentum, and bringing clarity of being and direction. Your guides, who are beside you, lovingly await as you move towards making this special connection to them and all that you are."

Our evolution here on Earth springs from the brilliance that we are, which is always perfect and complete. The construction of a well-lived Life is done with precision, and our spirit guides are here to assist us through its unfoldment.