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It's all about focused training,

or what I call Training With Purpose

...and a little levity to get you through it.


The Goal is always...  moving you to a place where you THRIVE!!!



Thrive is a great word! It's one of those words that feels so good speaking it! THRIVE!  It's like a ROAR!!!                                       It also tells us where we are in our lives - clearly!        

To Thrive is to explode or expand into the full expression of Being that you are (unlike anybody else) where limitation, doubt, pain, worry, blocks of any kind, do not exist.                                 

It is where every no is a yes waiting to reveal itself. 


Thrive is Power!

We are either Thriving or not. And the only thing that keeps us from thriving is ourselves.                                                        Why would anyone keep themselves from Thriving? Well, we've all been there! It is when we think we have a good idea on how to live through something and choose that way of existing, for a certain period of time, sometimes for good reasons, and then we kind of loose ourselves in it. The other reason is that we are afraid of our own power, and owning our power is out of the question. This is a biggy for everyone.                                    Let's be very clear here, existing it is not living, it is not sustainable and your body will eventually tell you so-vividly!

In my twenty something years of having the honor of working with people, assisting them through injuries or diseases, recovering from various surgeries or "accidents,"  it always boils down to one thing and that is what they are living from, and how much of it holds love for them. This is not muchy stuff, this is the bare bones truth of your health and what turns it into vitality or what becomes disease / disharmony or what i call just plain being done with life!   Truth - choices made from anything but lOve, (keeping in mind love always has to include you), lead to disharmony and show up as diseases, accidents-yes accidents!, pain, etc-and there are a lot of etceteras!   I have seen time and time again, all choices(what you feel, what you think, what actions you take) that are selected or locked in that are absent of love for that person being at the root of everything they tell me they don't want "anymore of."   They are done with that learning intensive and if they have anything left, they want to live the life they came to live, the life they came to give.                     

What ever you are doing, thinking, feeling, if it doesn't hold love for you and all involved - Stop It! - right there!  It is precisely that, which will put you immediately out of Harmony.   If you are out of Harmony how can you Thrive?!   You can not.                    

The Gift here is that our systems always inform us right away when we are in or out of Harmony,  and we need to listen to that inherent intelligence.  This is a big part of what a Trainer helps their clients do. Trainers assist their clients to listen to the Inherent Intelligence of their body along with the rest of their being, and learn to make that intelligence their new source of guidance - their "True North."

Training is consistently doing something that makes you Thrive.  If you are not thriving then you are not doing what you want to do, what you love to do, and what you are here to do, it is that simple. This is true for life in the gym and outside in the world.

When you thrive, you are energized and excited about life, you are excited about living, and most of all, you are able to give that special something that only you can give and that you are passionate about ---to yourself and then to the rest of us!          You are Important and we need what you bring - so Bring It!        And Bring It Strong!!!

When you thrive you feel completely Alive!   We call it Vitality.
This can only happen when you show up.                                    When you show up... YOU THRIVE!   

  -----I help people show up.                                                                      And it is one of my greatest jOys to do so!