Point of Impact and working with our Energetic Anatomy

This is a very important class for everyone to take. We know so little about our energetic anatomy, about how it operates, what it connects us to, and how it all comes together to make the greatest impact in our lives, our health, and all of what we call reality. Put in simple terms, how to live from our light or all that we are, from our Grace.

This workshop/workout brings all this information to the table in a simple, comprehensive, practical manner and leads us in actively and consciously existing from the strongest aspects of our being.

I call it: Setting a new course of direction!!!

At the gym, I help people exercise their bodies and increase the strength and vitality of their muscles. Through these montly workshops, we will aim to increase the strength and vitality of our energy anatomy muscles and use them to change the direction of our lives in order to exist at a higher vibrational local. Life is a gift, it should feel like one!

If we think about our energy anatomy, it is the place from which all that is set in motion originates. This is where your muscles of creation lie and what I consider the true laboratory where all things we experience are made.

This energy workout places you smack in the middle of this "laboratory" and will focus on:

  1. Developing a simple energy workout routine, SPIRITUAL PRACTICE, for connecting to the       Sacred.
  2. Building and strengthening our light-bodies (running the energies and building our field in, at, and from a higher vibration).
  3. Cultivate alignment with the heart center - our point of impact - and use it as an interface to affect "the field."
  4. Change, clear, and clean out what no longer serves us, constructs, beliefs, and programs we put in motion in the past that we no longer wish to experience nor create from.
  5. Make a selection of a higher vibrational location and create from a place of non-selection.

I call this process "surrendering to Source" ("Thy Will Be Done"). This is what many refer to as "The Field of Miracles" because it is at this level, this vibrational local, that what we thought wasn't possible -- Is. At this higher level, what we put in motion from a lower vibration cannot exist and a new experience comes forth as our new reality.

We will build out from that which matters most -- our inner world. Our outer reality is a reflection of the thoughts and feelings we hold and animate in consciousness. Change those and you change everything!