Radiance is a modality that was introduced to me by ArchAngel Chamuel. It brings the Light of the Holy Spirit or what I call The Light of Heaven into our Hearts and fields, and then radiates out into the space/location we are in and out to all we direct it to, near or far.

I didn’t know much about ArchAngel Chamuel before having the experienceof receiving this extremely bright, rapidly flickering intense white Light - like the moving wings of a dove.

I have come to learn that Chamuel brings the pink flame of Adoration and that he is involved in the preparation to receive the energy of the Holy Spirit which is what Radiance is all about. Beautiful and Strong! Did I say it is STRONG?!!!

This is a modality unlike any other. It is simple and it doesn't require anything in terms of belief or behaviour. It is about allowing the expression of Heavenly Light into our reality.

This Light, being of a higher vibration, brings the gifts of ILLUMINATION AND LOVE. This frequency immediately brings our energetic anatomy (chakras, energetic body, and outer fields) into a higher order of alignment. It moves us into Alignment with Source Light, where we can more easily experience Life at a higher vibration of clarity, order, and wholeness.
In this three hour workshop you will learn to:
Align with and increase our closeness to Source
Receive the Light of Heaven
Radiate The Light of Heaven into a space or specific location
Direct it towards another person
Perform a healing session on someone present using Radiance
Perform a healing session on someone at a distance (remotely)
Scan and observe another’s fields and direct Radiance as guided

We will also explore Randiance's numerous other applications: on animals, food, plants, crystals, its uses in manifesting, etc...

Leave with an increase in Love & Light for yourself and feel it!
No prior experience with healing modalities necessary.
Radiance is a wonderfully powerful compliment to any other modality.