I teach a variety of sessions and session lengths.

Each session is divided up into segments, and those segments are based on your goals and on the fitness reality you wish to create.

Your routine is something we decide together and that I continuously monitor throughout your time with me.

My criteria:
1) Does it feel intuitive, natural, and good in your body?
2) Are you reaching your goal/goals?

Session Lengths:

ONE HOUR (55 minutes)
A one hour session is composed of a variety of challenges, exercise routines, and all around movements finished with some active isolation stretching.
ONE HOUR AND A HALF (85 minutes)
An hour and a half session is a combination of challenges, exercises, and movements with a longer focus on abdominal and core work and finished with active isolation stretching.

It's a juicy session! Sometimes folks want to change the session up and prefer to spend more time on abs or do a low-high-low (a low intensity to high intensity to low intensity exercise series). This will kick your butts! As long as it is something you are up for and it is safe, Iā€™m in!

HALF HOUR (25 minutes)
A session for those that are just squeezing in a workout so that they can maintain a relationship with their body and goals and/or want me to work them intensely in a short period of time.

You choose the length of time, 30 minutes is usually a good length.

In an Active Isolation Session you get stretched out using advanced stretching techniques that are hugely beneficial in helping your recovery between workouts. Stretching helps in clearing away a great deal of lactic acid which is the primary cause of soreness, and it helps you increase your range of motion.
The session is based on the principle, "contraction of a muscle is always followed by relaxation of that very same muscle." It is a reflex response. It is very safe, increases flexibility, clears out impurities (lactic acid from your muscles), and you will love it!
If you are wondering what happens during the unaccounted for 5 minutes of the sessions listed above, it is used for questions, updates on your progress, to discuss what you are doing on your own when I'm not with you, and for scheduling.
A lot to get in in only 5 minutes!

To schedule a session or to inquire about prices, please click here, and after filling in the required fields, you can send me a message with your questions. I usually respond to messages in within 48 hours.