and The Value You Will Get By Training With Me

The value you will get by training with me is change, reaching your goals,                                    and surpassing them and creating new ones.                                                   

You are also buying knowledge to use for yourself and to share with others - don't we all love sharing something we find helpful?  It's one of the best parts of learning something - to share it!      I don't like to waste time, and I thrive on seeing progress - it turns me on!

Having a trainer is about creating a new reality for you.                                                                   To be part of that is an amazing thing!                                                                                 Something I often say is, "Together we create a new reality."                                                               It can be challenging - sure, but not at all as challenging as what we leave behind,                          and what it is we discover and receive along the way is always so rewarding!                                                                

I specialize in functional resistance training, using your body's own weight to challenge you, but coming from a background of traditional resistance training (free-weights), I still incorporate weights during routines and even while moving, always focusing on core balance and stability.               With this type of training, you can expect to increase strength all around while loosing the round waste, increase in endurance, and balance, while decreasing body fat.
And although it is challenging, it is also lots of fun!

I am a rehab-specialist, and have been for sometime now-and I have learn a lot about everything with the body and its amazing ability to create, heal, and thrive, and I bring that wisdom to each session. I will not only teach you how to perform routines correctly and effectively, but I will also teach you the safest ways to perform them in order to prevent injuries and/or improve your ability over challenges you might already be facing.  

               --- I believe the best way to deal with an injury is prevention!


Over the years, I have found that deficiencies in posture, balance and alignment are at the root of a multitude of injuries and challenges people experience with their bodies, and a precursor to problems they can and very often will face if not corrected, so while training, we thoroughly address these crucial components of our physical health. This gives you the great combo of strengthening, prevention / change of direction your body is heading in or of "Christmas-es yet to come," and receive and marvel at your abilities to do things that you always wanted to.                                       I believe you can and always could, but you were busy doing and creating something else.              

It always amazes me how effective and efficient, invincible we are when we are in Alignment.           This is true on all levels and the body is no different.         



I design a customized cardiovascular training program according to the specific needs and likes of each client. You should enjoy what you are doing in order to remain motivated as you make progress in creating a new life for yourself. In order for a life change to happen, you have to desire it. Then for those changes to stick you have to like what you are doing. Exercising should be challenging but enjoyable. We all keep doing what we like and stop doing what we don't. So, yes, if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you, and equally important - it should feel good and bring you to a place of JOY.  Change and development are all about that connection. Together we create a new reality. And Together, we create an exercise program that is "your perfect match!"


Another essential factor in training is flexibility, and I tackle it with great enthusiasm because of its many benefits. I will teach you advanced flexibility techniques for each and every exercise you do. An exercise is never complete unless it is followed by an appropriate stretch! I cannot emphasize enough the importance of flexibility. It helps you grow, it helps you heal, and it plays a major part in maintaining and increasing the integrity of each joint while increasing the efficiency and overall level of function and ability of your chain of joints or what I call your "joint system." Flexibility is crucial to how your body communicates to you its current status, what it needs, and how to proceed.


Stability is about a starting point that is sound and solid, as opposed to shaky and out of control. So where are you starting from in your body? A good point of departure and something that should be kept in the mix at all times is overall stability. Stability is very often expressed as joint stability and/or core stability, but in reality they are connected and the body needs and utilizes both at the same time — it is wise to work, strengthen, and improve both! By doing so, you improve the entire body, and very possibly avoid a bunch of injuries while witnessing your skill level rise.
Stability is mainly about two things: strength and flexibility.
So whether you are recovering from an injury or surgery, or you are training to avoid surgery, which very often is the case, strength and flexibility come into play and become your "true north," guiding you out of the many physical messes you might have gotten into.

Joint and core stability are essential for the maintenance of an upright posture and especially for movements and lifts that require extra effort such as lifting something heavy from the ground to a table. Without core stability, the lower back is not supported from inside and can be injured by the strain. Without joint stability, you will not be lifting a thing or very much for very long, they work together in unison.

Insufficient core and joint stability not only lead to lower back pain, but more importantly to poor posture (again, the major cause of most joint and body problems/injuries) and lethargy. When you are strong, your body knows it and it uses energy efficiently; it is happy and energized, ready to face whatever life has in store for you next! I call this - Lifting for living!


A good, well put together, balanced session should consist of certain essential components whether you are working out on your own or with a trainer.

These components are:

1) endurance training
2) strength training
3) an element of power
4) cardiovascular training
5) core strengthening
6) flexibility
7) balance
8) adequate water consumption to help you recover and heal.

Trainers need to keep in mind three things:

1) Periodization - being aware of the length of time a specific exercise or routine has been practiced since specific exercises and routines need to be switched or rotated to keep the body challenged. When our bodies get use to a certain exercise combination, it can loose the level of momentum and effectiveness it had, when it was first introduced into our routines. Switching gradually (one exercise at a time) to complete switching of an entire routine is extremely beneficial and clients also tend to enjoy the changes. With these changes, of course, always keep in mind the "no client is the same" rule, and should be implemented wisely, safely, and customized for each individual client.
2) Adaptation - the length of time a person needs for their body to adjust or "harmonize" with an exercise or a series of exercises in order for them to derive all its benefits. This varies from person to person-mentally, emotionally, and physically.

3) Support. While trainers need to keep a keen eye on their clients as they take on these changes, supporting them as they embrace each adjustment and challenge is important. Sometimes a little support can make all the difference.