Why is it hugely helpful to have a personal trainer

1) A trainer has the education and experience to guide you in reaching your physical fitness goals. Ah, experience! Most of what is brilliant about someone or where their talent shows up comes from their experience in a field. If you are connected to what you are doing then you soar; this is no different for trainers, whether they are in a gym, outdoors in the field, or in someone's home.
2) A trainer will make you show up and 80% of the time that is all it takes!

3) A trainer will help you get to your goals a little faster by implementing challenging, fun, safe routines that keep your health and development as the main focus. Many people injure themselves through inadequate performance or a lack of knowledge while exercising. This can be very frustrating since a simple, easy adjustment in form would have help them avoid injury, and would have led them to many gains!

4) A trainer makes you work hard and safe. If I seem to emphasize safety it is because I am a safety nut, kind of. Injuries suck and surgery is a challenging road, so it's best not only to train hard, but to train safely.

5) A trainer will keep you on track and accountable.

6) A good trainer keeps in mind periodization, meaning, they know when to change your routine because your body has gotten use to it and is no longer being challenged. They modify the routine and/or insert new exercises to keep your body on the fast track to fitness rooted in wisdom and knowledge.

7) A trainer will help you understand where you are and how far you can go. I think this is very important because we often hold a vision that is too small, when in truth, we are so much more and can do so much more!

8) A trainer knows how to tap into what you enjoy doing and incorporates it into your routines, making the road to "good health" a fun and effective one that will be long lasting.

9) A trainer can feel and see physically and intuitively what you are doing and how you are doing it and can make timely adjustments to improve your form and efficiency, and increase the level of safety.
10) A trainer SUPPORTS you in your goal towards a much healthier life! Support from just one person can make all the difference in the world!


Having a personal trainer is hugely helpful, and for some, it can be a necessity.  A trainer can lead you, but you need to know where you want to go! And if you're not sure where that is, at least you need to know what you want to leave behind -- that can make all the difference.

A big part of being a personal trainer is getting your clients to have or continue to have a healthy relationship with their bodies, and you can't have a relationship if you are not present, if you are not showing up. Part of the job is helping you mend this relationship, then helping you soar with it and in it.

I have been a head trainer for years and have also taught trainers (which I enjoy a lot!), and the bottom line is always the same: a trainer is there to inspire, empower, support, guide, and educate. He or she needs to know their stuff.
I have also found that kindness goes a long way in helping a client's progress; it is the number one way to help people grow, create, take risks, and achieve success. Never underestimate the power of kindness -- it can change a life.

Some of you might say to yourselves, "How can I do anything like that? Training? Exercise? Me?" I say, "Just move; walk, dance, move your arms around as if conducting a symphony, and that will lead you to the next step; the one that is best for you. Choose any movement you enjoy and do it, indulge in it and be alive! Hey everyone is different. Celebrate that fact, and move in your own special way, but move!

Very often I am asked what allows some people to reach their goals while others do not. The answer is simple. The ones that succeed in reaching their goals have consciously aligned their lives in support of their goals, and all that combined energy along with what we do together in the gym makes the magic happen; it turns wishes into attainable reality.

At the gym, everyone is great. While they are with me, they are going to work their butts off. It is what happens when they are out in the world, when they go back to their lives that makes a big difference. Think about it. How much time do you spend with a trainer compared to the rest of your life? Which part of that equation has you the most? Your life! If you are working on creating a new reality in the gym and your life is not following suit or aligned with that reality, then how can anything happen? It cannot.

My suggestion is get clear on what you want as best as you can and bring all your living into alignment with that vision; a vision about thriving, health and healing. A full rewarding life starts with such a vision, so THRIVE! It's like a Lion's Roar! Have a vision that helps you thrive and if you add to it a little sweat equity or back it up with some good 'ol elbow grease, something good will happen!                                                      And you will learn that, in fact, you can!